Dear Reader,

This email has been addressed to you such that we may shed light upon Niramaya Soul and its unique endeavours. Our goal always has and always will be to improve the Indian healthcare landscape, as we lend a helping hand to patients in need.
We strive to help boost the current healthcare environment within our glorious nation. As a result, we partake in the proliferation of healthcare resources, health-tech modernization, and other such activities.
We would also like to state our continual commitment to elder care, and pet care; as we hone in to develop the health infrastructure that available within tier 2,3, and 4 cities that are in dire need of our assistance!
With the current state of domestic and global affairs, Niramaya Soul believes that revolutions in healthcare innovation and availability are in order.

Blinded with the vision to be an unmatched leader in providing affordable health care to patients across the country two stellar individuals have initiated a new healthcare technology venture.
So who are we?
We are a team of two founders well-versed in the medical industry!
Subhayu Roy

Having accumulated over 12 years of experience working in both Forensic Investigations and Risk Advisory Subhayu has been able to understand several ground realities. Those realities of which include the issues of availing healthcare in rural India, the challenges of underprivileged patients, and the technological shortcomings.
In his tenure within the advisory space, he was able to work with several Indian and Multinational pharma giants to help them get through various regulatory and financial challenges.
Aniruddha Roy

A young and stellar personality that has grown up in a small town in West Bengal was able to bear witness to the many shortcomings of our healthcare system first-hand. Before getting on board as the co-founder of Niramaya Soul Anurudda has accumulated more than 2 years of experience in forensic services.

As a dynamic leader, he has established corporate expertise in advisory and forensics while working with BDO and Mazars to develop analytical models for sales and purchases for numerous multinationals.

The founders of Niramya Soul humbly wish to serve the patients of our country in the best way that we can. But we would need the support of investors such as yourself, and your funding to help launch Nirmaya Soul at a fairly reasonable scale.
We have attached our Ideation document/ Investors pitch deck for your kind perusal.
We request you to kindly go through the same and provide us an hour such that we can have an informative discussion with you on voice or video call at a time of your convenience.

We request you to help us serve the many patients that eagerly await our support.
Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!
Kind Regards,
Subhayu Roy

We take care of you and your family